How do I upgrade my account/ add new subscriptions?

To upgrade your account, first log into the Web app and go to 'Account Settings' and select 'Subscription' from the left-hand panel. 

Select ‘Edit’ (adjacent to ‘License' heading) under the 'General' tab.

A new form should appear where you need to enter the following fields:
  • Currency
  • Type of license
  • Billing period
  • Number of users
Note: As the above options are altered, (e.g., currency from GBP to USD) the  number total and the payment period will change to reflect this.


To begin the payment process ‘update subscription' should be selected, after which a new popup should appear. This new popup will ask for your:
  • Email
  • Card number
  • Card expiry
  • CVC number
  • Whether you want to be remembered
‘Subscribe’ should be selected to complete the upgrade. 

Once you've added a specific number of subscriptions, you will be able to add users. To do this, please visit the our FAQ on the matter. After new users have been added, you'll be able to see a list develop of all the people under your subscription, such as below:

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