Why is it taking me so long to login?

If it is taking you a while to login, follow these tips to speed up your login: 

Mobile App users: 

If you are using Mobile app, ensure you're on 3G or Wi-Fi. (If not, GPRS or Edge will be significantly slower when using the allthings Mobile app) We are currently working on a completely revised Mobile app, which will be native to your device and allow offline functionality meaning you should never notice any slowness. 

Web App users: 
  • Check your internet is connected and running at an average speed. 
  • We recommend using Google Chrome as a browser primarily because of its performance and security benefits. For more information regarding Google Chrome, click here: 
  • If you are still experiencing slow speeds or an inability to login, we recommend clearing your cache and cookies, logging out and logging back in. 
If you are still having difficulties, contact us at: support@allthings.io 

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