How do I set a deadline in the Mobile App?

1. Select the task you wish to set a deadline on. 

2. A new screen will open, select 'Edit' in the top right hand corner.

Note: If you're using a tablet, this screen will open in the right hand panel. Continue to press 'Edit' in the top right hand corner.

3. A new screen will open entitled 'Edit Thing'. Move the slider adjacent to 'Deadline' to 'on' (it should change color from grey to green). 

4. A new date option will now appear beneath 'Deadline', select this date and choose the date you wish to set from the scroller menu and select 'Done'. 

5. To add a specific time to your deadline, click on the space directly beneath the deadline's date. This will also open a scroller menu. After selecting the time, choose 'Done'. 

6. Click 'Save' in the top right hand corner of the 'Edit Thing' screen to save your specific deadline. 

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