How do I view completed things in the mobile app?

To view completed things, select the list you wish to view the completed things.

In the bottom left hand corner, you should be able to select the ‘View’ button. After doing so, a new screen will appear entitled ‘View Options’.

Click on the heading ‘Show complete’, this will bring up a new screen where you will be able to select a ‘Thing status’ You will have three options:
  • All
  • Open
  • Closed
Selecting ‘All’ or ‘Closed’ will show you completed things in the list. Note: if ‘All is selected the list will show both completed and open Things.

Note: To always view completed Things or even allthings/open Things in a particular list, on the ‘View Options’ screen, select ‘Save default view’. (After doing so, a pop-up should appear notifying you that your viewing preferences have been saved.)

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