How do I change a User Role?

First go to the web app at From there, log into your account and once logged on, click on your name in the top right hand corner of the dashboard. You will be given the options for ‘Settings’ and ‘Logout’. Select ‘Account Settings’.

You will be taken to your ‘General Account Settings’ page, where, in the left hand column you will see a list of titles. Select ‘Subscription’. This will open up a new page.

You should be able to see 5 tabs:
    1. General
    1. Users
    1. Card Details
    1. Billing Address
    1. Customisation

Select ‘Users’. If you have paid for multiple subscriptions, and there are users filling those subscriptions, then their names, email addresses and their User Role will appear.

To change a user’s role, select the role that has been assigned to them this will cause 3 options to appear: ‘Standard’, ‘Power’ and ‘Super’. Selecting any of these will change the user to that role.

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