What happens when I share a list with someone who isn’t using allthings?

After you have entered their email address in the List Sharing form and selected ‘Share list with these contacts’ they will receive 2 emails.

2015-08-27 15_00_13-things (86).png

One of them will be a ‘Welcome to allthings’ email which will introduce the invitee to allthings.

The other email will be an ‘Invitation to join ‘X’ list. This email will confirm you as the sender and will feature a link which will take the invitee straight to the list.

2015-08-27 14_32_39-Invitation to join the list 'Project' - maria.drummond@allthings.io - Allthings .png

They should click on ‘Open in allthings’.

This will cause a new screen to appear taking the new user straight to allthings. A NOD ("new on dashboard") will appear telling them how and why they’ve ended up there. They will be guided through the next steps.

2015-08-27 14_36_33-things - Internet Explorer.png

They will need to:

  1. Close down the message. (They will at this point be able to see the list you’ve shared)
  2. Go to the settings page.
  3. Create a password. (The email address the initial list share was sent to will be used for logging in with this newly created password).
  4. Take the Quick Tour (found by selecting the “?” on the dashboard).  

The invitee will be automatically placed on a 14 day free trial (they will be experiencing all of the features available in the ‘Team’ edition of allthings) and when this trial ends they will be presented with 3 options: Free, Pro and Team. If they select any of these options they will not lose any of their lists or data. They may wish to choose the Free edition to continue to view your list without using allthings themselves. More information on the pricing of different editions of allthings can be found here.

Some resources new allthings users may find useful include:

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